Experts in the News

The New York Times

"There are three important things to learn here. The first is that states that haven’t seen their health care systems crushed … have been relatively free of disease. …The second is that much of the country still needs to be very careful. … The final lesson is that state governments need to do the heavy lifting. … Too many states are flying blind, moving ahead without understanding their risk. There’s no excuse for that."

— Aaron Carroll, "Too Many States Are Flying Blind Into Reopening. Not Indiana.", May 13, 2020

Chalkbeat Indiana

"To navigate this environment requires a lot of intensity in time resources that maybe lower-income parents don’t have. You might not have any other options and you’re stuck.”

— Breanca Merritt, “Online school in Indiana: From dining room lessons to ‘pandemic pods,’ learning will look different", July 31, 2020

The Guardian

"We know that affluent white families hoard opportunities and often demand new opportunities to give them access to even more resources. That cycle perpetuates itself over time and inequalities grow. Without some policy interventions, we will see affluent white families continuing to have power over schools and workspaces."

— Jessica Calarco, "The Family in 2050", December 31, 2019


"It’s not surprising to me that people are reporting changes in their sexual fantasies right now…This situation is stressful and unique, and we can’t necessarily meet our sexual and emotional needs in the ways we could in the past, and so people are turning inwards."

— Justin Lehmiller, "This is how coronavirus could change our sex lives forever", July 29, 2020