Solving Problems in the State & Beyond

Collaborating to take on grand challenges

As Indiana's university, IU researchers, scholars, and artists are dedicated to addressing critical challenges facing our state, and nation, by advancing patient care, responding to environmental change, confronting addictions, and strengthening cybersecurity.  

A group of five doctors and health officials studying data written on a whiteboard.

Building precision health

IU scientists and physicians are focused on discovering treatments, preventions and even cures for Alzheimer's disease, childhood sarcomas, multiple myeloma, Type 2 diabetes, and triple negative breast cancer, while others are addressing child maltreatment in the state.

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A view of the city skyline of Indianapolis from across a river.

Assessing environmental change

IU researchers are collaborating with mayors and others around the state to serve their communities' needs, analyzing rich data about statewide environmental change, and finding unusual methods of detecting changes in the climate and environment.

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A red light cast over a hand holding two circular pills.

Fighting addictions and substance use disorder

Partnering with IU Health, Eskenazi Health, and the state of Indiana, IU researchers are combating the complex issues of addictions and substance use disorder and getting help to those who need it most.

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The Big Red 200, one of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

Pushing technology's boundaries

To advance cutting-edge digital discoveries and protect us all online, IU has launched one of the world's fastest university-owned supercomputers as well as a new center for AI research, while growing its strengths in cybersecurity.

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