Tackling a Pandemic

COVID-19 and the power of research

As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in the United States and the state of Indiana in spring 2020, IU faculty, staff, and students responded with bold and creative efforts to address not only the public health and scientific aspects of COVID-19, but also its broader social, economic, legal, technological, and cultural facets.

Among the many projects initiated, more than two dozen were supported by rapid, strategic funding provided through IU's Office of the Vice President for Research. The researchers involved in all of this important and timely work have helped to detect, understand, and manage the novel coronavirus, and their tireless endeavors may one day help to eradicate it altogether.

John Patton and Asha Philip in a laboratory analyzing the results displayed on scientific equipment.

Finding new vaccines and treatments

An approach to vaccinating children, a Phase III trial, and ongoing tests of remdesivir are part of IU scientists' fight against SARS CoV-2 and COVID-19.

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An illustration of a couple wearing all white with IU branded masks.

Creating life-saving masks

From 3D printing to folding filters to making virus-fighting fabrics, IU researchers responded to the critical need for masks and PPE.


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Protecting mental health in a pandemic

Stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness—IU researchers turned their attention to how to identify and deal with the intense mental and emotional effects of the pandemic.

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How are we handling work?

The world of work has completely changed. How is that affecting our work performance and outcomes? An IUPUI researcher examined that question.


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Relationships in the time of COVID-19

Relationships are hard any time. With physical distancing and infection fear, they’re even harder. How can we maintain good relationships? IU faculty examine how we keep connections strong under global stress.

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Reading, writing, and remote instruction

When education went online, IU education specialists went to work determining how to help teachers, parents, and students.


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Understanding economic impacts

IU experts assessed the vast economic effects of the pandemic across multiple sectors from energy insecurity to online medical care to the arts.


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Harnessing IT in the fight

Using the power of computational tools, an IU bioengineer is leading an international coalition to develop models of how SARS-CoV-2 works in human tissues with the aim of developing effective treatments.

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Addressing the virus through arts and humanities

Humanists and artists have helped us all interpret and give shape to the pandemic’s chaos and confusion.


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IU President, Michael A. McRobbie

I cannot think of any better demonstration of our two-century commitment–as Indiana's namesake university–to the health and wellness of Hoosiers and all of humankind than the creativity, determination, and impact reflected in these stories.

IU President Michael A. McRobbie